Unibet UK Poker Tour Manchester - Day 2 - Level 28 (50000/100000/10000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 12th December 2016 @ 2:07


02:27: Unibet UK Poker Tour Manchester 2016 Champion, Vamshi Vandanapu. Hope you enjoyed the blog; see you next time!

02:25: Final Results:

1st £8,000* + €2k Unibet Open Package Vamshi Vandanapu
2nd £9,000* Miguel Gaspar
3rd £5,000 Mark Whitney
4th £4,000 Terry Etim
5th £3,000 Daniel Murray
6th £2,100 Awat Salehi
7th £1,800 Michael Crook
8th £1,500 Ish Patel
9th £1,300 Jonathan Hughes
10th £1,100 Chun-Hao
11th £900 Tedi Todorov
12th £900 Kieran Price
13th £700 Denis Malik
14th £700 Junyu Cai
15th £700 Scott Holmes
16th £500 Christopher Norfolk
17th £500 Michael Ahearne
18th £500 Andrew Wright
19th £400 Anonymous
20th £400 Mateusz Krzyzewski
21st £400 Dalius Mikalauskas
22nd £400 Ben Knowles
23rd £400 Tomasz Kotlowski

* Deal made heads up when Miguel was the chip leader. They played it out for the €2k Unibet Open package and the trophy.

02:20: It's all over! Vamshi wins! He limped the Button with JJ and called when Miguel shoved all in with A5. The Jacks held for the title.

02:14: They're fighting hard for the title and €2k package! This photo was from a little earlier in the heads up match:

02:13: Vamshi won the last 3 pots. Looks like Miguel is down to 1.8m.

02:08: Approx counts:

Miguel Gaspar 2.3m
Vamshi Vandanapu 3m

02:07: Chunky 50k/100k blinds now!

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