Unibet UK Poker Tour Manchester - Day 2 - Level 26 (30000/60000/5000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 12th December 2016 @ 0:27


01:24: Heads up under way now:

01:19: Sounds like the 2 players have negotiated a deal. Miguel takes £9k and Vamshi £8k but they play on for the trophy and the €2k package.

01:14: Anyone still reading the blog here? Say Hello or give me a "Yeehaa" in the comments. We're on a short break before heads up begins. Starting back any minute.

01:08: Miguel has rougly a 2/1 advantage in chips as we start heads up play:

Miguel Gaspar 3.6million
Vamshi Vandanapu 1.8million

01:05: Here's what they're playing for:

1st £10,000 + a nice Trophy + a €2k Unibet Open package
2nd £7,000

01:04: Mark all in next hand and the other 2 call. He had 64o and hits a Six but it's no good. Mark Whitney out in 3rd for £5,000. We are now heads up.

01:02: Mark opens to 150k and Vamshi shoves all in for 650k. Mark calls and shows AT. He's ahead vs KQ but Vamshi spikes a King to take it down! He doubles and Mark down to about 140k.

00:51: Vamshi sends the chips right back to Mark next hand when all in with A4 vs Mark's 55. Mark makes a straight and doubles his just over 500k up. Vamshi now the shortest again!

00:48: Vamshi shoves all in for 520k with Q9o. Mark calls with 66 and gets rivered when the board pairs twice high than his 6s. Double for Vamshi. Mark now down to about 500k.

00:43: Latest approx counts. Miguel just took a pot from Mark with a Turn raise.

Mark Whitney 700k
Miguel Gaspar 3.9million
Vamshi Vandanapu 750k

00:38: Miguel is the Chip Boss at the moment for sure...

00:37: Mark raises. No takers.

00:36: Miguel raises the Button. Both opponents fold.

00:35: Miguel shoves from the SB into Vamshi. He folds.

00:31: A few small pots recently and a couple of walks. Miguel has taken some chips from Mark though. Vamshi still on about 650k so may be looking to get them in soon.

00:26: New level. Still 3 players remaining.

12th December 2016 @ 1:10
Does the winner also get a 2k package on top?
12th December 2016 @ 1:15
That's correct. I added it to the 1st place prize. Thanks
12th December 2016 @ 1:22
Ha way the lads!
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