Unibet UK Poker Tour Manchester - Day 2 - Level 25 (25000/50000/5000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 11th December 2016 @ 23:39


00:19: Mark takes the next hand vs Vamshi. Vamshi down to about 600k now.

00:18: Latest approx counts 3 handed:

Mark Whitney 1.3million
Miguel Gaspar 3.1million
Vamshi Vandanapu 850k

00:12: Terry all in pre-flop next hand with A9 and gets 2 callers. He is outdraw by Mark with A3 who makes a Straight. Terry Etim out in 4th for £4,000.

00:10: Terry moves all in for 695k from the Button (AJo). Mark calls all in from the SB for 575k with Kc9c. Martin spikes a Nine to double up. Terry down to a few blinds now.

00:06: Miguel completes the SB, Vamshi checks. Flop Ts9s4h. Miguel leads for 110k, Vamshi calls. Turn 8d. Michael bets again, 225k this time. Vamshi calls again. Miguel now checks in the dark! River 9d. Vamshi checks back and shows AJ for Ace High. Miguel has T8 for 2 Pair and takes the pot.

00:04: New development: Miguel open limps for 50k UTG. Terry shoves for them SB however and puts an end to the hand right there as Miguel folds.

23:59: Vamshi limps in the SB, Terry makes it 100k more. Vamshi calls. Flop Qh8d4c. Vamshi check/calls 100k. Turn Ah. Vamshi checks again, Terry bets 150k. Back to Vamshi and he has a good think before moving all in. Terry insta-mucks however.

23:57: Walk for Vamshi from Miguel next hand.

23:56: Vamshi opens to 105k but folds when Terry moves all in for 865k.

23:53: Back in action. A few hands in Miguel takes one down with a 525k raise of Vamshi's 200k Turn bet. Board was Jd8c7h-4c. New red/pinkish 100k chips in play now.

23:42: Just found out that Vamshi Vandanapu won Goliath this year for £62,750 for a £120 buy-in. That tournament had 3,168 entries so he should have the stamina for a late one tonight if required.

23:41: The remaining 4 prizes:

1st £10,000
2nd £7,000
3rd £5,000
4th £4,000

23:40: Players on a short break. Here are the approx chip counts 4 handed:

Mark Whitney 700k
Miguel Gaspar 1.9million
Vamshi Vandanapu 1.9million
Terry Etim 850k

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