Unibet UK Poker Tour Manchester - Day 2 - Level 24 (20000/40000/5000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 11th December 2016 @ 22:54


23:37: Break time. 4 left.

23:35: Daniel Murray out in 5th for £3,000. He was all in with KQ pre-flop vs Vamshi's AJ and couldn't improve.

23:28: We have a break in 5 mins. Will get the latest chip counts then.

23:28: 3 way pot with Mark, Vamshi and Daniel. Mark takes it down with a 500k flop shove.

23:25: Things have really ESCALATED in the last half hour here at the FT. Get it?

23:22: Daniel limps the SB. Terry not keen and moves all in. Daniel folds.

23:21: Terry raises UTG with QQ and wins the blinds an antes.

23:19: Vamshi takes a small one from Miguel with a flop raise after Miguel bet 50k. Limped pre-flop blind vs blind I think.

23:15: Terry makes it 90k from the SB, Mark shoves all in. Terry quickly folds.

23:13: Vamshi opens one, Daniel shoves all in. No call.

23:10: The Final 5:

23:08: Latest approx stacks 5 handed:

Mark Whitney 450k
Miguel Gaspar 1.95million
Vamshi Vandanapu 1.55million
Daniel Murray 400k
Terry Etim 900k

23:06: The carnage continues! Awat Salehi (AK) gets all in vs Vamshi (QQ). Away Flops 2 Pair but a Queen on the Turn seals the deal for Vamshi. Awat Salehi out in 6th for £2,100.

23:03: Reminder of the remaining payouts:

1st £10,000
2nd £7,000
3rd £5,000
4th £4,000
5th £3,000
6th £2,100

23:01: Michael Crook shoves all in for 240k from the Button with K8 and is called by Miguel with KQ. Miguel holds and Michael Crook is out in 7th for £1,800. 6 left. Looks like this is the Level of Death!

22:59: Ish Patel out in 8th place for £1,500. He shoved all in for less than 200k with A7 and Miguel called with 33. The small pair held up and Ish is gone. 7 left.

22:55: Folded to Awat in the SB and he shoves all in. Jonathan calls and shows 22. Awat has 86o. He manages to hit Trips and eliminates Jonathan Hughes in 9th place for £1,300.

22:54: Jonathan in the BB for 40k here with about 60k behind!

22:53: New level, same 9 players.

11th December 2016 @ 22:56
Shaun HM
Routing for Jot Hughes....getting exciting now
11th December 2016 @ 22:58
He's just gone out in 9th for 1,300. Sorry :-(
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