Unibet UK Poker Tour Manchester - Day 2 - Level 22 (12000/24000/4000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 11th December 2016 @ 21:06


20:05: Big early pot there at the FT that took quite a while. Miguel opened to 57k in the cut-off and was called by Vamshi (Button) then Terry 3bet to 155k from the BB. Both opponents called. Flop 7d6h2s. Terry continues for 165k, Miguel calls and Vamshi folds. Heads up to the Turn which is 3d. Terry thinks for quite a long time before checking. Miguel then shoves all in. He has about 850k which covers Terry's roughly 450k. Terry tanks for a good couple of minutes but then folds, accidently exposing a Ten. He then turns over the other Ten for the overpair. Miguel lets him see his 77 for Top Set on the Flop. Good escape from Terry there.

21:57: Here's what they're playing for:

1st £10,000
2nd £7,000
3rd £5,000
4th £4,000
5th £3,000
6th £2,100
7th £1,800
8th £1,500
9th £1,300

21:56: No messing about here; we're straight into the FT and play is under way!

Ish Patel
Mark Whitney
Awat Salehi
Jonathan Hughes
Michael Crook
Miguel Gaspar
Vamshi Vandanapu
Daniel Murray
Terry Etim

21:50: Back soon with coverage from the Final Table.

21:43: Chun-Hao Man out in 10th place for £1,100. Terry Etim opens to 50k and was called by Vamshi Vandanapu (SB) and Chun-Hao Man (BB). On the KcQh9c Flop Vamshi checked and Chun-Hao bet 85k (out of about 200k) and original raiser Terry folded. Back to Vamshi and he thought it over before raising enough to set Chun-Hao all in. He called immediately and showed KJo for Top Pair but Vamshi had 99 for a Set. No runner runner help for Chun-Hao this time.

21:30: Daniel Murray is in big blind for 24k and has 26k behind first hand back. Ish limps the Button and Michael Crook calls from the SB then Daniel moves all in for his 50k total. Both others call. Ish and Michael check it all the way to the end and Michael looks good with Trip Tens (T3) but Daniel (who didn't look at his hand) has JT and Trips with a better kicker! He trebles up. Incredibles scenes.

21:25: Play about to restart. There's a big "BE MERRY" sign in the poker room here at 235 Manchester. Good advice.

21:17: Who do you fancy to win out of the last 12? Stick a wee comment at the bottom of the blog. Always happy to hear from people following at home.

21:13: Full (but approximate) chip counts for the final 10 players. Still 2 x 5 handed tables. We need to lose 1 more before hitting the FT. All players have £1,100 locked up but I'm sure they would all like to leave with the £10,000 1st prize.

Table 1
Terry Etim 820k
Awat Salehi 550k
Vamshi Vandanapu 840k
Chun-Hao Man 310k
Jonathan Hughes 330k

Table 2
Ish Patel 470k
Michael Crook 390k
Daniel Murray 50k
Mark Whitney 300k
Miguel Gaspar 1.15million

21:05: Players on a 20 minute break. Chip counts coming soon.

11th December 2016 @ 21:24
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