Unibet UK Poker Tour Manchester - Day 2 - Level 20 (8000/16000/2000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 11th December 2016 @ 19:49


20:17: Christopher Norfolk out in 16th for £500. Quite a big-looking pot for his T9 Top Pair vs Miguel Gaspar's QQ overpair. Miguel holds and now has one of the larger stacks in the room.

20:10: I need to take short break away from the tourney to give my laptop a charge. Will still add here any eliminations but just not as many hands for a little bit. Back as soon as I can.

20:05: Michael "Warrior" Ahearne out in 17th place for £500. He got it all in pre-flop with A5 vs AQ and didn't get lucky. Awat Salehi takes his chips.

20:04: Denis Malik (right) shoves all in over the top of a Terry Etim (left) open pre-flop but no callers.

19:59: Had an update request for Scott Holmes. He's currently on about 160k and is enjoying his dinner:

19:54: Kieran Price

19:53: Ish Patel

19:51: Here is Miguel Gaspar keeping up with the blog...

19:50: Into Level 20 now and still 17 players remaining.

11th December 2016 @ 19:54
Update on Scott holmes
11th December 2016 @ 20:04
Added a couple of pics above. He's on about 160k.
11th December 2016 @ 20:08
Go on Scott
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