Unibet UK Poker Tour Manchester - Day 2 - Level 19 (6000/12000/2000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 11th December 2016 @ 18:35


19:41: Nice pot there for Vamshi Vandanapu vs Chun-Hao Man. Vamshi shoved all in on the Turn for 164k into a pot that already looked close to 300k. Chun-Hao tanked for several minutes and looked in real pain before deciding to give it up. He had about 200k left. The board was AdQh8h-8d.

19:35: Reminder of the payouts so far...

1st £10,000
2nd £7,000
3rd £5,000
4th £4,000
5th £3,000
6th £2,100
7th £1,800
8th £1,500
9th £1,300
10th £1,100
11th £900
12th £900
13th £700
14th £700
15th £700
16th £500
17th £500
18th £500 Andrew Wright
19th £400 Anonymous
20th £400 Mateusz Krzyzewski
21st £400 Dalius Mikalauskas
22nd £400 Ben Knowles
23rd £400 Tomasz Kotlowski

19:28: Andrew Wright out in 18th for £500. He shoves his shortie all in from the SB with T5o and was called by Michael Crook with AK which held up.

19:22: 18 left so breaking down to 2 tables.

19:20: Anonymous out in 19th for £400.

19:17: On Table 4, Awat Salehi limps in the SB and Denis Malik raises to 30k. Denis says he'll show if Awat folds. He does end up folding and Denis shows only one card, an Ace. Next hand Denis gives Junyu Cai a walk.

19:14: Chun-Hao Man opens to 25k UTG and is called by the the 2 blinds, Tedi Todorov and Vamshi Vandanapu. The Flop comes down 973 and all players check. On the Turn 3 Tedi checks, Vamshi bets 35k and Chun-Hao folds. Back to Tedi and he also folds.

19:09: I get lonely here. Anyone reading the blog and rooting for a friend? Stick a comment below if you have any requests for specific players and I'll see what I can do. You can also just say Hello. That's good too.

19:07: Anonymous gest his double up soon after, all in pre-flop with A8 vs chip leader Terry Etim's 99. The Ace comes down to save Anonymous and he doubles.

19:05: We're back in action now. First hand on Table 2 Anonymous shoves his 80k stack all in. No takers though.

18:47: Here are the full (but very approximate) chip counts with 19 left. I think we have just 2 players remaining (marked with *) in the Unibet Qualifier Last Longer. Incidently, there is no Table 1 as it has broken up.

Table 2
Terry Etim 610k
Michael Ahearne 100k
Tedi Todorov 170k
Vamshi Vandanapu 480k
Chun-Hao Man 280k
Anonymous 80k

Table 3
Ish Patel 300k
Kieran Price 260k
Scott Holmes 180k
Daniel Murray 450k
Christopher Norfolk 470k
Mark Whitney 120k
Miguel Gaspar 420k

Table 4
Michael Crook 70k
Andrew Wright 85k
Jonathan Hughes* 160k
Awat Salehi 480k
Denis Malik* 300k
Junyu Cai 200k

18:36: Players on a break. Back soon.

11th December 2016 @ 19:24
scott holmes
11th December 2016 @ 19:27
Hi Scott, best of luck in the last 18!
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