Unibet UK Poker Tour Manchester - Day 2 - Level 16 (3000/6000/500)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 11th December 2016 @ 16:23


17:15: Looks like we're down to 27 players over 3 tables now. 4 away from the money! Here's a reminder of the payouts:

17:13: Shuai Wang (standing up on the right below) shoves his last 40 or 45k in from the Button on the steal with K2o but is looked up by Tomasz Kotlowski with TT in the BB. The Tens hold and Shuai is sent packing.

17:07: No fairy story for Graham as he is now out :-(

17:03: Graham Dixon not best pleased but all in next hand for 500 chips he manages to 7x them up by winning with 96 vs J2. Now at 3,500, can he spin it up even more?

16:59: On Table 4, Graham Dixon raises to 12k with QQ and is called from the BB by Jonathan Hughes with JTo. The Flop comes Jh8c5d and Jonathan leads out for 12k, against the flow. Graham has a short think then jams his remaining 62.5k all in. Jonathan says "Alright then" and calls. Graham is in decent shape for a double up but a Ten on the River sees the pot head Jonathan's way with 2 Pair. He has 62k so Graham loses everything but 500, a single ante!

16:56: Lost Reyaaz Mulla from Table 1.

16:52: Of the Unibet qualifers in the 2k package last longer I think we 7 left. That's unofficial though so don't quote me!

  • Mateusz Krzyzewski
  • Denis Malik
  • Jonathan Bradley
  • Jonathan Hughes
  • Tomasz Kotlowski
  • Dalius Mikalauskas
  • Graham Dixon

16:50: Looks like David's Mrs wasn't too impressed with the KT call...

16:49: David Oxton out. Looks like he was racing with 55 for his shortie all in pre-flop vs KT and couldn't hold.

16:38: Players back in action. First casualty is Vinod Jadav.

16:35: Looks like we lost Unibet Community regular @mathrimc shortly before the break. Now 33 left.


16:31: Here are the approximate chip counts for all remaining players:

Table 1
Terry Etim 125k
Mateusz Krzyzewski 420k
AK Ali 165k
Junyu Cai 280k
Denis Malik 350k
Vamshi Vandanapu 280k
Michelle Bennett 60k
Reyaaz Mulla 40k

Table 2
Vinod Jadav 100k
Shuai Wang 65k
Michael Ahearne 150k
Tomasz Kotlowski 160k
Tedi Todorov 45k
Dalius Mikalauskas 55k
Chun-Hao Man 75k
Anonymous 150k
Jonathan Bradley 106k

Table 3
Ish Patel 210k
Joseph McGowan 35k
Ben Knowles 112k
Scott Holmes 340k
Daniel Murray 300k
Christopher Norfolk 110k
Mark Whitney 270k
Chris McCormack 205k

Table 4
Kieran Price 120k
Michael Crook 80k
Andrew Wright 90k
Miguel Gaspar 200k
Jonathan Hughes 80k
Awat Salehi 166k
David Oxton 115k
Graham Dixon 85k

16:22: Players on a break. Chip counts coming soon...

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