Unibet UK Poker Tour Manchester - Day 2 - Level 15 (2000/4000/500)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 11th December 2016 @ 15:36


16:12: I must have put the famous Blog Curse on Tim Bruneel there as he's just been eliminated! Sorry Tim :-(

16:11: Break coming up in 2 mins. We have 34 left. No money till 23 left though. During the break I'll try to get as many chip counts as possible. See you soon!

16:07: Unibet online qualifier Tim Bruneel on the same table is a bit shorter with around 120k.

16:04: Here is Vamshi Vandanapu, also on Table 1. Looks like he has about 270k.

16:00: Mateusz Krzyzewski on Table 1 looks to be in good shape. He started the day with 188k and now looks to have about 400k now.

15:49: I didn't catch all the action on this one but arrived on Table 3 with the full board out just as Andrew Ellison was shoving his last 51k in the middle into a pot that looked like about 65k. He was heads up vs Christopher Norfolk. Christopher (pictured below) goes into the tank for a minute or so and doesn't look too happy about the shove. In the end he does make the call (for quite a lot of his remaining stack) and he is good with QJ (Top Pair) vs Andrew's JJ.

15:45: Make that 35. Just lost Jie Tian.

15:42: Down to 36 now and 4 full 9-handed tables.

15:41: Michael Fletcher gets the last of his chips in with AQ vs Scott Holmes' 66 pre-flop. Scott hits a Set and Michael is eliminated.

15:40: Unibet online qualifier Jonathan Bradley looks like he has around 115k at the moment, just a little under the 121k he started the day with.

15:37: We have a break every 3 levels so after this one I'll try to get as many chip counts as possible from around the room.

15:35: Into Level 3 now with 38 players remaining. Allan Graham the most recent player eliminated.

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