Unibet UK Poker Tour Manchester - Day 2 - Level 13 (1200/2400/300)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 11th December 2016 @ 13:37


14:57: Some pics from around the room:

14:51: Moran Fermon out.

14:45: Neil Channing started the day with 30,400 and is now down to about 16k. He's just got one through though, shoving all in from the SB getting a fold from Kieran Price in the BB.

14:37: Mark Physic also out. Looks like we're down to 45 players over 5 tables now.

14:28: Big hand on Table 6! Denis Malik opens to 5.6k and is 3bet in position by Zhelyazko Ivanov to 15k. Back to Denis and he 4bets to 40,600. Zhelyazko makes the call. Flop Js6h5h and Denis continues for 55k. Zhelyazko has about 112k and shoves all in. Denis, with him just covered, makes the call and tables Aces. Zhelyazko just has AsKh and is in big trouble, needing a Back Door Straight or Flush. It doesn't come and Zhelyazko is out.

14:26: Saqib Ismail also gone.

14:24: Lost 2 more players! Simon Drysdale and Sebastian Teodoru reporting to the rail.

14:19: A shot of the tournament clock showing the latest info:

14:18: First player gone and it's Olabode "Buddy" Ayegun. He started the day with 37k. Down to 52 players from 53.

14:11: We have a good number of Unibet qualifiers left in the field. The one of these guys who lasts longest today will win a €2k Unibet Open package. Graham Dixon is also on this list. Missed him out by mistake.

14:10: Cards in the air! We're now under way after a short delay. Please comment below if you would like updates on anyone in particular.

14:04: Chip counts, seating and payouts all below...

13:38: Just over 20 minutes till Day 2 starts here at Unibet UK Poker Tour Manchester. Here is the seating draw. Will get the chip counts ASAP.

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