Unibet UK Poker Tour Manchester - Day 2 - Level 28 (50000/100000/10000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 12th December 2016 @ 2:07

02:27: Unibet UK Poker Tour Manchester 2016 Champion, Vamshi Vandanapu. Hope you enjoyed the blog; see you next time!

02:25: Final Results:

1st £8,000* + €2k Unibet Open Package Vamshi Vandanapu
2nd £9,000* Miguel Gaspar
3rd £5,000 Mark Whitney
4th £4,000 Terry Etim
5th £3,000 Daniel Murray
6th £2,100 Awat Salehi
7th £1,800 Michael Crook
8th £1,500 Ish Patel
9th £1,300 Jonathan Hughes
10th £1,100 Chun-Hao
11th £900 Tedi Todorov
12th £900 Kieran Price
13th £700 Denis Malik
14th £700 Junyu Cai
15th £700 Scott Holmes
16th £500 Christopher Norfolk
17th £500 Michael Ahearne
18th £500 Andrew Wright
19th £400 Anonymous
20th £400 Mateusz Krzyzewski
21st £400 Dalius Mikalauskas
22nd £400 Ben Knowles
23rd £400 Tomasz Kotlowski

* Deal made heads up when Miguel was the chip leader. They played it out for the €2k Unibet Open package and the trophy.

02:20: It's all over! Vamshi wins! He limped the Button with JJ and called when Miguel shoved all in with A5. The Jacks held for the title.

02:14: They're fighting hard for the title and €2k package! This photo was from a little earlier in the heads up match:

02:13: Vamshi won the last 3 pots. Looks like Miguel is down to 1.8m.

02:08: Approx counts:

Miguel Gaspar 2.3m
Vamshi Vandanapu 3m

02:07: Chunky 50k/100k blinds now!

Unibet UK Poker Tour Manchester - Day 2 - Level 27 (40000/80000/10000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 12th December 2016 @ 1:26

02:03: Another pot for Vamshi. Miguel is now under 2 million.

01:56: Vamshi clawed back the lead in the last 10 mins. He's ahead now but not by much.

01:45: Full House for Miguel vs 2 Pair for Vamshi. Quite a big pot. New counts:

Miguel Gaspar 3.8m
Vamshi Vandanapu 1.5m

01:43: Approx counts heads up now:

Miguel Gaspar 2.4m
Vamshi Vandanapu 2.9m

01:36: Miguel opens to 215k and Vamshi 3bets to 545k. Miguel decides to call and take a flop. It comes down JcTc4d and Vamshi open-shoves his last 1 million in. Miguel likes it and calls quickly. He has QdJd for Top Pair and is ahead vs Vamshi's AQo. However, the Turn is an Ace and the River inconsequential, giving Vamshi a double up! This thing ain't over yet.

01:30: Just a few small pots back and forward so far and raise-and-take-its.

01:26: Hello Level 27.

Unibet UK Poker Tour Manchester - Day 2 - Level 26 (30000/60000/5000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 12th December 2016 @ 0:27

01:24: Heads up under way now:

01:19: Sounds like the 2 players have negotiated a deal. Miguel takes £9k and Vamshi £8k but they play on for the trophy and the €2k package.

01:14: Anyone still reading the blog here? Say Hello or give me a "Yeehaa" in the comments. We're on a short break before heads up begins. Starting back any minute.

01:08: Miguel has rougly a 2/1 advantage in chips as we start heads up play:

Miguel Gaspar 3.6million
Vamshi Vandanapu 1.8million

01:05: Here's what they're playing for:

1st £10,000 + a nice Trophy + a €2k Unibet Open package
2nd £7,000

01:04: Mark all in next hand and the other 2 call. He had 64o and hits a Six but it's no good. Mark Whitney out in 3rd for £5,000. We are now heads up.

01:02: Mark opens to 150k and Vamshi shoves all in for 650k. Mark calls and shows AT. He's ahead vs KQ but Vamshi spikes a King to take it down! He doubles and Mark down to about 140k.

00:51: Vamshi sends the chips right back to Mark next hand when all in with A4 vs Mark's 55. Mark makes a straight and doubles his just over 500k up. Vamshi now the shortest again!

00:48: Vamshi shoves all in for 520k with Q9o. Mark calls with 66 and gets rivered when the board pairs twice high than his 6s. Double for Vamshi. Mark now down to about 500k.

00:43: Latest approx counts. Miguel just took a pot from Mark with a Turn raise.

Mark Whitney 700k
Miguel Gaspar 3.9million
Vamshi Vandanapu 750k

00:38: Miguel is the Chip Boss at the moment for sure...

00:37: Mark raises. No takers.

00:36: Miguel raises the Button. Both opponents fold.

00:35: Miguel shoves from the SB into Vamshi. He folds.

00:31: A few small pots recently and a couple of walks. Miguel has taken some chips from Mark though. Vamshi still on about 650k so may be looking to get them in soon.

00:26: New level. Still 3 players remaining.

12th December 2016 @ 1:10
Does the winner also get a 2k package on top?
12th December 2016 @ 1:15
That's correct. I added it to the 1st place prize. Thanks
12th December 2016 @ 1:22
Ha way the lads!
Unibet UK Poker Tour Manchester - Day 2 - Level 25 (25000/50000/5000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 11th December 2016 @ 23:39

00:19: Mark takes the next hand vs Vamshi. Vamshi down to about 600k now.

00:18: Latest approx counts 3 handed:

Mark Whitney 1.3million
Miguel Gaspar 3.1million
Vamshi Vandanapu 850k

00:12: Terry all in pre-flop next hand with A9 and gets 2 callers. He is outdraw by Mark with A3 who makes a Straight. Terry Etim out in 4th for £4,000.

00:10: Terry moves all in for 695k from the Button (AJo). Mark calls all in from the SB for 575k with Kc9c. Martin spikes a Nine to double up. Terry down to a few blinds now.

00:06: Miguel completes the SB, Vamshi checks. Flop Ts9s4h. Miguel leads for 110k, Vamshi calls. Turn 8d. Michael bets again, 225k this time. Vamshi calls again. Miguel now checks in the dark! River 9d. Vamshi checks back and shows AJ for Ace High. Miguel has T8 for 2 Pair and takes the pot.

00:04: New development: Miguel open limps for 50k UTG. Terry shoves for them SB however and puts an end to the hand right there as Miguel folds.

23:59: Vamshi limps in the SB, Terry makes it 100k more. Vamshi calls. Flop Qh8d4c. Vamshi check/calls 100k. Turn Ah. Vamshi checks again, Terry bets 150k. Back to Vamshi and he has a good think before moving all in. Terry insta-mucks however.

23:57: Walk for Vamshi from Miguel next hand.

23:56: Vamshi opens to 105k but folds when Terry moves all in for 865k.

23:53: Back in action. A few hands in Miguel takes one down with a 525k raise of Vamshi's 200k Turn bet. Board was Jd8c7h-4c. New red/pinkish 100k chips in play now.

23:42: Just found out that Vamshi Vandanapu won Goliath this year for £62,750 for a £120 buy-in. That tournament had 3,168 entries so he should have the stamina for a late one tonight if required.

23:41: The remaining 4 prizes:

1st £10,000
2nd £7,000
3rd £5,000
4th £4,000

23:40: Players on a short break. Here are the approx chip counts 4 handed:

Mark Whitney 700k
Miguel Gaspar 1.9million
Vamshi Vandanapu 1.9million
Terry Etim 850k

Unibet UK Poker Tour Manchester - Day 2 - Level 24 (20000/40000/5000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 11th December 2016 @ 22:54

23:37: Break time. 4 left.

23:35: Daniel Murray out in 5th for £3,000. He was all in with KQ pre-flop vs Vamshi's AJ and couldn't improve.

23:28: We have a break in 5 mins. Will get the latest chip counts then.

23:28: 3 way pot with Mark, Vamshi and Daniel. Mark takes it down with a 500k flop shove.

23:25: Things have really ESCALATED in the last half hour here at the FT. Get it?

23:22: Daniel limps the SB. Terry not keen and moves all in. Daniel folds.

23:21: Terry raises UTG with QQ and wins the blinds an antes.

23:19: Vamshi takes a small one from Miguel with a flop raise after Miguel bet 50k. Limped pre-flop blind vs blind I think.

23:15: Terry makes it 90k from the SB, Mark shoves all in. Terry quickly folds.

23:13: Vamshi opens one, Daniel shoves all in. No call.

23:10: The Final 5:

23:08: Latest approx stacks 5 handed:

Mark Whitney 450k
Miguel Gaspar 1.95million
Vamshi Vandanapu 1.55million
Daniel Murray 400k
Terry Etim 900k

23:06: The carnage continues! Awat Salehi (AK) gets all in vs Vamshi (QQ). Away Flops 2 Pair but a Queen on the Turn seals the deal for Vamshi. Awat Salehi out in 6th for £2,100.

23:03: Reminder of the remaining payouts:

1st £10,000
2nd £7,000
3rd £5,000
4th £4,000
5th £3,000
6th £2,100

23:01: Michael Crook shoves all in for 240k from the Button with K8 and is called by Miguel with KQ. Miguel holds and Michael Crook is out in 7th for £1,800. 6 left. Looks like this is the Level of Death!

22:59: Ish Patel out in 8th place for £1,500. He shoved all in for less than 200k with A7 and Miguel called with 33. The small pair held up and Ish is gone. 7 left.

22:55: Folded to Awat in the SB and he shoves all in. Jonathan calls and shows 22. Awat has 86o. He manages to hit Trips and eliminates Jonathan Hughes in 9th place for £1,300.

22:54: Jonathan in the BB for 40k here with about 60k behind!

22:53: New level, same 9 players.

11th December 2016 @ 22:56
Shaun HM
Routing for Jot Hughes....getting exciting now
11th December 2016 @ 22:58
He's just gone out in 9th for 1,300. Sorry :-(
Unibet UK Poker Tour Manchester - Day 2 - Level 23 (16000/32000/4000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 11th December 2016 @ 22:13

22:51: Terry (AQ) gets in it pre-flop vs Away (99). Terry hits Trips and doubles up. Think he had about 400k to start the hand. Awat now down to about 225k.

22:47: Missed the start of the hand but I think Vamshi just called 125k on the Turn with 75o on an AA4-4 board vs Terry. The River was a Seven and Vamshi won when it went Check/Check. Presumably Vamshi was planning on bluffing if he missed!

22:45: Latest approx chip counts at the FT. Still 9 handed. No eliminations so far.

Ish Patel 200k
Mark Whitney 540k
Awat Salehi 500k
Jonathan Hughes 120k
Michael Crook 280k
Miguel Gaspar 1.5million
Vamshi Vandanapu 900k
Daniel Murray 450k
Terry Etim 500k

22:41: Will go and try to estimate the stacks for the players at the FT. Back in a bit.

22:40: Johnathan Hughes not had much to do at the FT so far. He's on about 140k so very short.

22:39: Awat opens to 76k but folds when chip leader Miguel shoves all in. Away had about 600k behind.

22:36: Vamshi opens to 81k UTG+1 but folds when Daniel moves all in for 360k.

22:34: Michael Crook open-shoves UTG for about 200k this time. No callers.

22:32: Terry shoves again, this time from the cut-off. No callers.

22:31: Terry shoves the Button next hand. No callers.

22:30: Anyone still following at home? Who are you supporting? Let us know in the comments please.

22:29: Terry open shoves the SB into Ish. No call.

22:24: Terry opens to 80k UTG and calls when Mark shoves all in for about 300k. Terry has KcQc and Mark TT. The Queen High Flop looks like it will send Mark home in 9th but... he rivers a Ten for a Set to double! Terry now short with what looks like less than 200k. Exciting stuff at the FT so far.

22:18: Mark all in soon after and in bad shape with AcQc vs Vamshi's AKo. However, no problem for him as he flops the Nut Flush and holds to double!

22:16: Short stack Daniel open-shoves for 192k. He gets a call from Mark who has AJo. However Daniel turns over the old Bullets! They hold and he doubles. Mark now down to about 100k and in trouble.

22:12: Blinds up at the FT. Still 9 left. All have £1,300 secured.

11th December 2016 @ 22:39
Vamos Miguel !!!! Come on !!!
11th December 2016 @ 22:40
Update on Jonathan Hughes..
11th December 2016 @ 22:42
Hughes on about 140k. Very short. Will need to make a move soon.
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